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Baldface Lodge

I worked with Simon and Schoph to create some 25th anniversary animal rings for some special people here at Baldface. I gave them complete creative freedom and was very happy with the resulting owl, bear, and wolf rings.

It turned out to be the perfect way to thank some of the characters who make this place so iconic. 10/10 would recommend!

— Jeff Pensiero, Baldface Lodge


Sister company to HoM, it was a
no-brainer to get involved.

With 1910 in the first year gaining speed with strong sales and distribution teams in North America and Japan, we wanted to celebrate those who are at the forefront and helped us on our journey.

A special 29 pieces taken from the founder graphic, translated into silver in the form of a killer signet piece. For the homies, never available.

— Schoph

Monster Energy
Hell Week

In 2022, straight after the Olympics we decided to organise our first ever, Monster Energy Snowboard Team summit, Hell Week. A very special gathering for us where we really wanted to surprise our athletes with a very unique gift.

We turned to House of Maiden for help and within a month or so we had 50 handcrafted masterpieces to hand out. Our athletes are still talking about and wearing these rings. I cannot praise HoM enough for their passion, hard work and skills they put into these rings. A truly unique gift that unites everyone involved.

— Carl Henrick, Monster Energy


DIYX is one of the biggest street snowboarding events, created by riders for riders to show what we snowboarders really are about. Shredding hard, being creative, having a good time and partying hard. 

In the midst of all the mayhem, we awarded one rider with a one of a kind necklace and the title of The Most Medieval Motherfucker. This rider embodies all the values that we represent as an event and is an overall legend!

So when it came down to finding the right jeweller to bring our vision for this award alive, it was a no brainer to hit up our pals over at House of Maiden. 

What Si came up with and delivered was an absolute masterpiece and we could have not been more stoked. Thanks again Si for this amazing piece and we look forward to working with you again in the future!

— Ethan Morgan

Dragon Alliance

A landmark like 30 years in the game needs something special to mark it. A signet ring made by people who understand the brand, and the significance of the occasion meant HoM was the perfect partner to create this colab with. House of Maiden is now part of that Alliance

— Sam Nelson, Dragon Alliance


Working alongside creative powerhouse Mr Peter-John de Villiers aka The Shallowtree, to create this two piece capsule collection.

Translated from Peter's artworks into these solid Ram and Owl pieces and to go on show at the boutique London hotel, The Mandrake.